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New Office in Clarksburg now open!  Located across the street from the Produce House.

Where to Find Us

Family and Marital Counseling Center, Inc

5 Brown Ave

Weston, WV 26452 


Phone: 304 269-3923

Fax: 304-269-9733



We also have a new office location in Clarksburg, WV:


613 W. Pike St

Clarksburg, WV 26301



Fax: 304-622-5324


Click here for a map of and directions to both locations

Office Hours are by appointment only. We offer evening hours for your convenience.

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Welcome to FMCC

We strive to be an outstanding private practive providing therapeutic care and treatment of the highest standard, searching for new knowledge to promote mental health.

Free Literature

View online, print or download for later viewing the following brochures and pamphlets

ADHD and Nutrition


Research-Based recommendations on improving ADHD symptoms with dietary changes and nutritional supplements.

Grandma's Rule


If you are being challenged with a child's willfulness and want to redirect their will and gain their compliance (with chores, getting along with siblings, etc.) then this brochure is for you. It outlines a simple tool that doesn't involve charts or tokens and fits with a child's existential "in the moment" style.

Marriage 101:  Tools of Influence


The main reason we get married is to get our emotional needs (loved, cared about, appreciated) met in relationship, but they don't teach us how to do this in school. This brochure describes several  simple tools that build your influence in getting your needs met while improving the quality of your marriage.

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